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  • Chemical Peels
  • Skin Rejuvenation
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Cosmetic Services

We also specialize in skin rejuvenation and facial Sculpturing including Botox and Restylane, laser treatment for skin discoloration and Sclerotherapy treating Spider Veins.

  • Chemical Peels
  • Skin Rejuvenation
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Our trinity treatment repairs and rebuilds your skin, treating the face, eyes and hands in one luxurious hour of pampering. This treatment helps suppress fine lines, dark circles, puffiness around the eyes and will slough off the dead skin cells and rough texture of your hands, leaving them soft and moisturized. A powerful and concentrated facial treatment is applied that smoothes wrinkles, resulting in immediate toning. This treatment brightens photo damaged skin, smoothes fine lines, and reduces discoloration. Face and hand/arm massage included.

Glow Forward Facial with Youthboost Treatment

Enjoy this 2-part exfoliating and volumizing facial experience that includes the Glow Forward Thermal Probiotic Enzyme Mask and Probiotic Youthboost volumizing treatment. This treatment is good for all skin types and brings youth and vitality back to dull, stressed skin.


A fast and refreshing facial for those on the go. For a quick pick me up this facial offers a deep cleanse, your pores are steamed and exfoliated and then a moisturizer with special serums are applied to your skin. You will feel fresh and revitalized!


This facial is totally customized from start to finish. Your esthetician will perform a skin analysis to determine what your needs are. Relaxing and results oriented. Includes cleansing, exfoliator with steam, facial massage, mask and moisturizer.


Designed to rejuvenate skin that’s dehydrated, discolored, aging or damaged by the environment. Your esthetician will use specially chosen products that contain Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids that will fight the signs of aging and leave your skin feeling and looking more youthful, radiant and FIRM! Includes cleansing, facial massage, exfoliator, mask and moisturizer.


Designed for acne prone skin to reduce redness and inflammation. Helps to clear skin of clogged pores, blackheads and excess oil. Includes cleansing, extractions with steam, mask and oil-free moisturizer.


A back facial is a skin treatment which is formulated specifically for the back. Back facials utilize many of the techniques used in skin treatments for the face. They can help to clarify and soften the skin of the back while providing a deep moisturizing treatment which will leave you with a healthy, glowing back. Back facials are available in a wide range of formulations that target specific skin types or issues such as clogged pores and acne on the back.

High Frequency Facial

The high frequency facial helps treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles and even rejuvenate the skin. Good for all skin types. This treatment can be performed once a month as maintenance for your skin.

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