Cosmetic Appointments -- No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy


Please remember that everyone’s time is valuable. When scheduling with us, please remember that our providers have reserved this time exclusively for you. We’d like to remind you that if a change in your appointment must be made, please do so via a phone call during regular business hours to the Cosmetic Department at 708-590-7114 at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time to avoid being charged a penalty. We do not accept email or text messages for cancellations as there is no way to guarantee delivery of the message. We realize life happens, but recurring late cancellations hinder our ability to be available for other people whom we also love to serve. We try to make every effort to remind our patients of their visits and currently offer reminders via text messages, email and voice notifications. Clients who are not present for their appointment will be considered a No-Show and charged 50% of their treatment scheduled. If your appointment falls into a no-show status you will be charged ½ the charge of your scheduled treatment and may be required to put down a deposit on any further appointments scheduled. Those attempting to cancel within less than 24 hours of appointment time will be charged $50. Clients may also be required to hold future appointments with a credit card that will be charged in the event of another no-show or late cancellation. A continued history of no-shows may result in dismissal from SkinMD. Consultation visits that are repeatedly canceled will count towards the patient’s no-show record and may result in refusal to schedule any future appointments. Thank you so very much for your understanding, courtesy, and loyalty!

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